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Welcome to my blog friends and food lovers.

I’m excited about sharing this blog on food, health and wellbeing.  Because I believe food, –good food, and good culinary practices, not only makes you happy but also keeps you healthy.

Ancient Greeks had this figured out early. As Hippocrates put it, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food“. The father of western medicine great Hippocrates correctly established that illness was the result of environmental factors, diet and living habits.

We can say today ‘let food be our medicine, and let also food be our health as well’. In other words, let’s not worry about eating well when we are feeling unwell or ill, but let’s build good, excellent eating habits so we feel good and keep healthy for the most part and when it happens, we’ll be better prepared to fight illness and depression.

And as I mention depression, I want to point another aspect of my culinary practice. As an spiritual person, I believe that everything is connected, matter and energy, biology and emotions, body, mind and spirit. That’s why eating well is fundamentally critical for your health and wellbeing, for your body and soul.

That’s why in this blog I will follow a holistic approach to food and cuisine encompassing all those related aspects from life style and exercise, health and nutrition to culinary styles, ingredients, tips, recipes, anecdotes, food experiences, wines, creativity and so much more.

And we invite you all to follow us in this food blog and to share your love for food and your experiences with us.

I look forward to hear from you soon.

All the best in good health,

Chef Jesus Martínez

Alcala Restaurant


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