Trout on the Table

When it comes to the fish of the day, one of my favorites is trout. This beautiful, delicate and pink fish is so tender and easy to cook and tender that works with pretty much every ingredient.

Many of our customers keep ordering our pan-fried trout with bacon, tomato garnish and olive oil nested on a bed of sliced potatoes. This is been for quite a while in the menu at Alcala Restaurant and we keep bringing it to the menu just because our customers are so loyal to it.

We know trout is one of the healthiest oily fish, ­—rich on Omega-3 fatty oils and proteins.

Alcala Pan-Seared Trout

Alcala Pan-Seared Trout

Customers are often surprised to learn that actually eating trout results in weight loss while retaining lean muscle mass and feeling fuller after meals.

The American Heart Association recommends consuming fish two times a week and better yet, as a substitute for red meat.

Those fishing aficionados know that throwing the fly well it’s the key for a good caught and no less great river scouting.

You can prepare brown or rainbow trout either pan-fried or lightly cooked in the oven. Also lightly boiled and smoked goes well as a salad with a mayonnaise-like sauce; also with pasta, or with other strong ingredients as chorizo or bacon.

And don’t forget a great glass of white wine like Albariño.


Chef Jesus Martínez

Alcala Restaurant


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