Trout on the Table

When it comes to the fish of the day, one of my favorites is trout. This beautiful, delicate and pink fish is so tender and easy to cook and tender that works with pretty much every ingredient.

Many of our customers keep ordering our pan-fried trout with bacon, tomato garnish and olive oil nested on a bed of sliced potatoes. This is been for quite a while in the menu at Alcala Restaurant and we keep bringing it to the menu just because our customers are so loyal to it.

We know trout is one of the healthiest oily fish, ­—rich on Omega-3 fatty oils and proteins.

Alcala Pan-Seared Trout

Alcala Pan-Seared Trout

Customers are often surprised to learn that actually eating trout results in weight loss while retaining lean muscle mass and feeling fuller after meals.

The American Heart Association recommends consuming fish two times a week and better yet, as a substitute for red meat.

Those fishing aficionados know that throwing the fly well it’s the key for a good caught and no less great river scouting.

You can prepare brown or rainbow trout either pan-fried or lightly cooked in the oven. Also lightly boiled and smoked goes well as a salad with a mayonnaise-like sauce; also with pasta, or with other strong ingredients as chorizo or bacon.

And don’t forget a great glass of white wine like Albariño.


Chef Jesus Martínez

Alcala Restaurant


Sardines, The Healthiest Food in the World

Alcala' sardines 2.0

Alcala Restaurant Sardines

One of my favorite fish has always been Sardines: easy to cook, rich on taste and, as it happens, the healthiest food in the world – full of omega-3 fatty acids, D and B vitamins, calcium and an array of minerals.

For all those reasons Sardines have always been a favorite food to many around the world ranging from less privileged communities to the elites, a real dish crossover among classes because of their great flavor and availability. And as they enjoy a sort of new renaissance today, they can be found in many New York restaurants as tapas, in Mediterranean salads or simply ‘grilled’ a-la-minute.

Sardines are found abundantly in the Atlantic, Pacific and the Mediterranean where they feed at the aquatic bottom solely of plankton for which they do not concentrate heavy metals such as mercury and other contaminants. Delicious and inexpensive, humans have been consuming them since ancient times. In Galicia, Spain, a land of fishermen and seafood cuisine, the tradition of sardines is as old as the first inhabitants of the region. From the small villages to the fish industry, tales about sardines seem to inhabit our popular culture as much as our culinary imagination. As one of the world leading producers today, —if not the biggest producer, Spain’s sardine canned industry expands through a long history that includes women workers preeminence and even surviving several ‘Sardine Wars.”

I can remember vividly myself as a young man many afternoons in Galicia hanging in the piers waiting for the arrival of the small fishing boats where the locals would buy the freshest sardines for the next day. The bounties of salty smells and silvery colors emanating from the sardine bags remain in my memories. My mother used to buy them in fairly good quantities that she would prepare and conserve for the whole season. Once at home she would clean them thoroughly first thing, — since Sardines tend to deteriorate quickly, and lay them boneless in fillets in a large pan. Then she’d marinate them in “escabeche” with salt, fennel and fresh herbs, vinegar, garlic and spices and fill the pan with olive oil. They will be covered and put away in the kitchen shelves for couple weeks. When the marinating process had ‘cooked’ the sardines the fillets were ready to eat as snacks in small tapas, or as part of other dishes.

Sardines are very easy to cook. Most restaurants offer them ‘grilled’ though they are really broiled which creates the same crispy skin texture (without actually falling apart) and rich smoky flavor. You can make a great dish with canned sardines marinated in salad  and pasta dishes or tapas. Fortunately for us there are plenty of sardine banks in the ocean and they are not becoming endangered species any time soon.

Buen provecho!!

Chef Jesus Martínez

Alcala Restaurant


Let Food be Your Health – NYC Restaurants

salmon Salad - health and food nyc food and health nyc

Welcome to my blog friends and food lovers.

I’m excited about sharing this blog on food, health and wellbeing.  Because I believe food, –good food, and good culinary practices, not only makes you happy but also keeps you healthy.

Ancient Greeks had this figured out early. As Hippocrates put it, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food“. The father of western medicine great Hippocrates correctly established that illness was the result of environmental factors, diet and living habits.

We can say today ‘let food be our medicine, and let also food be our health as well’. In other words, let’s not worry about eating well when we are feeling unwell or ill, but let’s build good, excellent eating habits so we feel good and keep healthy for the most part and when it happens, we’ll be better prepared to fight illness and depression.

And as I mention depression, I want to point another aspect of my culinary practice. As an spiritual person, I believe that everything is connected, matter and energy, biology and emotions, body, mind and spirit. That’s why eating well is fundamentally critical for your health and wellbeing, for your body and soul.

That’s why in this blog I will follow a holistic approach to food and cuisine encompassing all those related aspects from life style and exercise, health and nutrition to culinary styles, ingredients, tips, recipes, anecdotes, food experiences, wines, creativity and so much more.

And we invite you all to follow us in this food blog and to share your love for food and your experiences with us.

I look forward to hear from you soon.

All the best in good health,

Chef Jesus Martínez

Alcala Restaurant


Spain is the largest Olive Oil producer in the world

Olive-spanishSpain produces 250,000 tones of olive oil a year – The best Olive Oil from Spain- Smooth, Vibrant, Bold. Just like a fine wine, the varietal, climate and region determine an olive oil’s taste.

From the southern olive groves of Andalucía to the northern region of Catalonia, Spain in not only the number one olive oil producer in the world but also the most diverse, with the largest variety of unique oils that are as distinctive as nature itself. Olive oil enhances the flavor of your meals and reveals the creativity in you. And definitively, keeps you healthy!

Mediterranean Diet Shown to Ward Off Heart Attack

food-pyramidAbout 30 percent of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from heart disease can be prevented in people at high risk if they switch to a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables, and even drink wine with meals, a large and rigorous new study has found.

“Now along comes this group and does a gigantic study in Spain that says you can eat a nicely balanced diet with fruits and vegetables and olive oil and lower heart disease by 30 percent,” he said. “And you can actually enjoy life.”

Olive Oil Keeps the Heart Young

oil-decanterIn a recent study, Spanish researchers discovered that a diet rich in olive oil or other monounsaturated fats could improve the arterial function of elderly individuals.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, on the effect of a Mediterranean style diet rich in olive oil reveals that olive oil may be able to slow down the aging of the heart. Olive oil is sooo good for you – Among other things, it helps prevent cancer, cholesterol, strokes and heart disease, oxidative stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis!!